ANNOUNCING: THRI²V²E Group Coaching Workshop for Professionals

Are you in transition? Are you stuck? Are you burned out?

If you are currently in the workforce and seeking to advance with your current employer, change employers, change careers, transition to part-time, or to an "encore" or post-retirement career; or

If you are looking to return to the workforce after taking time off;

then you may find defining your goals and/or making sense of your options and/or knowing where to start overwhelming,

in fact, you may feel stuck.  

Are you Ready to THRI²V²E?

Are you looking for a career that aligns with and supports your:


Health (financial& physical)


Intentions & Inspirations

Vision & Values 

Emotional Strengths

THRI²V²E Group Coaching is the Answer

Beginning March 27, 2019 we will be running the SPRING 2019 THRI²V²E Group Coaching for Professionals to support them in career transition/growth with Marie Wagner and Susan Odell, Executive Coaches. 

Successful Transitions require four steps:  Self-Assessment, Envisioning, Action Planning and Execution.  Our workshop provides learning, tools and support for each step in the transition process.

Workshop Topics 

Each session of the workshop is focused on a specific THRI²V²E development topic:  Personal/Professional Development, Career/Leadership, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Relationships, Financial Health, Values/Community and Physical Health.  For each topic we will do self-assessment work together for that topic and then we will learn and practice tools that are designed to support growth and development in that area.   In addition, each session includes mindfulness practices to support that week's focus area.  Each week participants will walk away with an "action step” for the next two weeks that relates to that particular topic and that will bring each participant one step closer to their individual overall goal. 

What is Group Coaching?

We think you will appreciate the group coaching format.  Group coaching combines interactive facilitated learning and coaching with a small group of like-minded women who want to make changes in their lives. While each participant develops their own individual goals; all the participants are invited to share their different perspectives and strategies.  Finally, THRI²V²E's group coaching format is structured to provide each participant the support of a smaller accountability group between sessions for additional support and motivation.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, each participant will have completed:

- Self-Assessments of Emotional Intelligence, Values and Saboteurs

- Envisioned and committed to writing their goals for their Career and each of the THRI²V²E topics

- Action Planning for their identified goals

- Execution of some of their identified action steps

In addition, at the end of the workshop, it is our objective that each participant will leave empowered with tools and training to sustain their ongoing growth, development and execution of their goals.  Ongoing support through our private THRI²V²E Facebook group will, we hope facilitate the growth of our THRI²V²E community.


The workshop is limited to 12 participants and requires pre-registration.  Participants will meet at WeWork Downtown, in person, on Wednesdays for seven (7) group coaching sessions (a total of 11 hours coaching) beginning March 27, 2019.  In addition, each participant will have three (3) one hour individual coaching sessions. Workshops will last 90 minutes from 11:30 to 1:00; except the first session (March 27, 2019) which will run for 120 minutes.

Each Participant will also receive three self-assessments: 

- Values

- Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0

- Saboteurs


The price of the workshop, which includes three self-assessments and 14 hours of coaching (7 group and 3 individual sessions), is $2497.

Further Information

Should you have any questions prior to registration, please contact Marie below. 

Contact us to be placed on list for fall 2019 workshop