Marie Wagner, JD
Executive Coach

CoachRice Leadership Coach

GetFive Certified Career Coach

EQ-i 2.0 |EQ 360 Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner


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Coaching Philosophy

Everyone Has Gifts


I believe that everyone has talents and gifts that are unique.  They are our like a palette of colors that are ours alone to paint the life we want.   A particular focus of my coaching is helping my clients align their work/life with their individual and unique talents and gifts.

Everyone Can Get Stuck


Whether you find yourself at the outset of your career or after decades of work/life experience, it can happen.  You get stuck.  You do not know what to do next.  You do not know where to start.  You just know you need to do something different.  Coaching is a powerful tool for getting un-stuck.

Coaching is a Powerful Tool!


Is Coaching Right for You?  Coaching is a powerful developmental tool in which the coach and the client undertake together to define and to  facilitate change.  Big change.  Change can be exhilarating.  Change is hard. But having a coach along as a partner can sure help as you examine options and move into action.