Executive Coaching Initial Session (60 minutes)


If you've never experienced a coaching conversation before, an Initial Coaching session is a perfect place to start. 

In this 60 minute session, we will spend 10 minutes getting to know one another; then we will spend 30 minutes focusing on a specific issue/concern that you bring to the session.  We wrap up the session with a 10 minute or so debrief of your coaching experience and action steps forward, including, if you are interested, options for further coaching.   

This is a session to find out if coaching with me is a good fit for you.  There is no obligation to continue.


Executive Coaching Initial Session (120 minutes)


After our initial coaching session, all client engagements begin with a Discovery Session.   As preparation for this session, I will send you a questionnaire and information packet once we have established our first appointment. 

Some common topics covered in this Discovery Session include:

- your core values and passions

- your coaching goals, objectives and other personal development areas you would like to address 

- your expectations of me as your coach 

- coaching relationship logistics: the coaching agreement, fees, and scheduling process.

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Career Outplacement Package


Career Outplacement includes one on one individual Executive Coaching support throughout the outplacement process.

Together we will guide you through each step of a career design process including:

1.  Identifying your strengths, accomplishments, enjoyable skills and your care values

2., Defining your ideal career "target" 

3.  Exploring and discovering possible career /position options

4.  Creating a suite of professional marketing tools, including:

  • Resume
  • Networking "pitch"
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Cover Letter

5.  Co creating a strategic action plan " to land your "target" position

6.  Providing accountability and support throughout your execution the "target" position search and interview  process

7.  Supporting you in your compensation negotiations

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Development: Leadership Package


 If you are interested in taking your career in your current position to the next level in terms of promotion, leadership effectiveness, team building, etc, then after an initial Discovery Coaching Session I will develop a package for you tailored to your particular career development goal(s).

As part of this package, we recommend devoting two sessions to an EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Debrief.  

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Group Coaching & Workshops à la Carte


Group Facilitation:  If your practice group/project team and/or department of 5 to 200 could benefit from facilitated discussions or brainstorming, I can help. 

Group Coaching:  Folks who have attended workshops or conferences where I have facilitated consistently find Marie to be an "engaging speaker."  

I work with and without a PowerPoint and would love to work with you to develop and deliver impactful leadership development workshops.  

Recent topics include time management for leaders, performance management, instilling a culture of coaching with "Ask, Don't Tell" feedback.